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Stroller Roller

Stroller Roller - Sleepy Blue

Stroller Roller - Sleepy Blue

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Put your baby to sleep easier and faster! Yes it is possible!

Stroller Roller is a collection of plastic components that, when assembled on the floor, create an uneven surface. The user rolls baby’s stroller back and forth over this surface, creating a “bumpy ride” that effectively puts little ones to sleep. Simple but it works!

Product details 

Size: 640mm long x 695mm wide
Weight: 860g

Material: Recycled plastic base elements and plastic bars and button.

How Stroller Roller works 

Just assemble the Stroller Roller on the floor and gently drive the baby’s stroller back and forth across it. Good old bumpy ride will soon lull your baby to sleep. This is a product for happier and more relaxed parents and babies!

100% No-hussle return policy

Try Stroller Roller, and don’t worry. You can return it to us if you don’t like it.

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